Adding an interactive map to a WordPress blog sidebar

Many WordPress users have made their blog the website for their business. WordPress has been supporting this use with many carefully crafted Themes. Many a theme might be a perfect match in look and feel but not offer all the features appropriate for a business. Having directions and a map to the location in the sidebar may be one of those desired features.image

Windows Live Writer to the rescue! The blog Live Writer Basics has a post that includes instructions for inserting an interactive map to a specific location in a sidebar Text Widget.

Clicking in the little map brings up a Bing map of the area with all of the features that Bing Maps provides. The illustration here gives you an idea of what such a sidebar looks like. The image here links to a demonstration website where you can try out the sidebar map.

The how-to article is Live Writer for WordPress Blog Post, Pages and also Sidebar – it might be just the ticket.


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