We are living in interesting times, Yahoo!

For some time there was jockeying for bragging rights, Google offered 5 GB of “cloud” storage, Microsoft set their SkyDrive offering to 7 GB with 25 GB for legacy users. Google now counts Google Drive, Google+ Photos, and Gmail together for 15 GB total. What next?

Yahoo has put them all to shame by offering a cool 1 TB of free online photo storage on Flickr. The look of Flickr has also received a major facelift. Here is the way my page now looks:


Note the neat custom header, the scaling of photos to keep their correct proportions, the clean, uncluttered look.

Just a while back this is the way my page looked:


Previously a free Flickr account meant that no more than 200 photos would be shown. Upload another one and the previously oldest photo would disappear. The maximum size, either displayed or downloaded was 1024 pixels on the larger dimension. Now these limits are gone.

There are bound to be additional changes. The “flat” model of Flickr – all your photos in the “Photostream” recent-most on top, was previously supplemented with “sets”. A set would show a group of photos from the Photostream – you could add and remove photos.

For slide shows sets are great. Now available in the free accounts are also “collections” where sets or other collections can be structured hierarchically up to five deep with some specific rules.

Over in SkyDrive the filing structure is in folders just like on the PC. But SkyDrive does not offer a nice public page. However, you can store just about anything you like in SkyDrive. Photos of any size or resolution (there is an upper limit, but it is way high. I store huge panoramas). SkyDrive is more like an extension to the PC, it is not really a photo sharing system. But once you get into a SkyDrive folder, also called album at times, it is quite pleasant.

SkyDrive folder

Picasa Web Albums by Google on the other hand have always been a photo sharing system. Google now pushes Google+ Photos as a way to view and present your work. My page looks like this:

Google+ Photos

Google+ Photos or Picasa Web Albums arranges photos in albums. There is no further hierarchical structure. The display of the albums is, well let’s say, utilitarian. However, once inside a Google+ album things look pretty good. By default photos are scaled to 2024 pixels max. You can store larger sizes.

Google+ album

In all three services, Flickr, SkyDrive, Google+ Photos, individual photos are displayed very nicely.

photo in Flickr

photo in SkyDrive

photo in Google+

All the images in this post, except the view of the old version of Flickr, have hyperlinks to the respective pages. Try them.

There is much to like about the way all three services present photos. All have their special quirks. One or another may suit your style. But lots of changes will come to all of them.

Put on your seatbelt and enjoy the ride!


© 2012 Ludwig Keck

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