Happy Anniversary!


Happy Anniversary with WordPress.com!


So was the Notification today on my WordPress Dashboard. Hurray!!  Three years my blogs have been on WordPress. That is when Microsoft discontinued Live Spaces and sent everybody packing. This blog, This ‘n That, was the first one I moved over. It had a large readership in the Microsoft Clubhouse, which was also discontinued. Now my readers are spread across a number of blogs. This one still gets about two to three hundred visits a day. More popular now is Ask Ludwig with about three hundred visits a day. My photo blogs, Gallery Ludwig and Silver Canvas,  have only a few loyal friends, but I really appreciate them.

A bit more popular are the chattier photography oriented blogs, Café Ludwig here on WordPress and the same-name Café Ludwig on Blogger.

Here is my first bit of what I now call “café art”, you can see from the date in the link below that it goes back to the start of 2009.

Link to first photo post: https://ludwigkeck.wordpress.com/2009/01/28/winter-night/

Both the photo, now in the WordPress Media Library and the post all still accessible. Thank you WordPress for doing such a great job of supporting bloggers!

And thank you dear readers and visitors for your support and loyalty!


© 2013 Ludwig Keck

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