No more Windows 8.1 Preview

Happy New Year!

The beta and preview versions of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 have now all expired. You can still run them but only for a short period of time as the “welcome” banner tells you.


It is almost time for the beta versions of Windows 9 to become topics of endless discussions and rumors. Will they have come to their senses? …..


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10 Responses to No more Windows 8.1 Preview

  1. Carolyn says:

    Thank you… plain English what does this mean to us? I have not seen this banner yet but oddly, as I have not installed 8.1, or done ANY updates, I have seen changes in my system. One that drives me insane is when I receive photos in my Gmail, I can no longer easily Save it to the Documents / Pictures folder that I want it in. I have to go to Downloads and move it from there. It seems aggravating to me that Windows has interfered with my process choices. grrrrrrrrr

    • Ludwig says:

      You need not worry, Carolyn, the message I showed is not meant for you. You have Windows 8, you are OK. It would be good for you to the update. It is free and gets you the latest version and the best security.
      Were downloads go is set up in the browser you are using. You can set the default location from the tools menu. Tell me which browser you are using if you need detailed instructions on how to do that. If you are using a mail client that will be a different default setting. If you need help please tell me which mail client you are using.

      • cedwards says:

        I can use either Chrome or FireFox. Do I need to Save things that are already in Documents / Pictures etc. Thank you

      • Ludwig says:

        Not sure I understand your question, cedwards. In both Chrome and Firefox you can specify where to download to. In Firefox click on “Firefox” in the upper left of the window, click Options in the right side of the drop-down menu. There you will find the option of setting the folder where downloads go. Files that are already in your Documents and Pictures folders will not be affected, nothing is moved. This affects new downloads only. Chrome has a similar setup option.

      • cedwards says:

        Thank you……I had read somewhere that it was imperative to Save files / Documents / Photos etc.

        Also, you mention using Chrome or FireFox. I went to the Store on the Apps page and just selected Download. I wasn’t given the option of which browser to use, I believe?

        I was walked through the 8 updates, and hopefully all is well. I will try downloading 8.1 now.

        thank you for your help and patience.


      • cedwards says:

        well now, lo and behold I think we are up and running finally. Not sure how I find out…..where the About is anymore, but I am dashing out for a Baptism. Shortly after I replied that it failed, I received a banner saying my computer would be shutting down to install. An hour or so later, it is back up and running……We shall see when I return this evening. Thank you for all your help. I haven’t seen the differences quite yet. I always knew about the bottom left and top left corners. It seems they have now identified them with images. I will need to read what else has upgraded.

        thank you again for your help


      • cedwards says:

        You have been more than kind I truly am a luddite! I have been trying since thursday evening to download 8.1 I keep getting an error message This App Was Not Installed. I select the Try Again option No luck

        any suggestions?

        thank you

      • Ludwig says:

        You might make sure that all updates are installed. Go through updates and have them install now. Hope this might help.

  2. cedwards says:

    Thank you……am trying again in a few moments.

  3. cedwards says:

    Still no luck. There is no error code, just a box saying it could not be installed. Not sure what else to try. Thank you

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