Clever these Redmondians!

Microsoft gives away 10 PB of storage

As part of the SkyDrive to OneDrive renaming hoopla, Microsoft gave away a ton of online storage. They had announced that in a teaser puzzle post to their Facebook fans. The first 100,000 users to log in after 11:11 am PT would get an extra 100 GB.

It had to be a frantic 30 minutes – that’s about how long it took for all the gigabytes to be claimed. Now this extra storage is for just one year. So what do users who have made good use of this space do a year from now? Why upgrade and buy more storage, of course!


An extra 100 GB only costs $50 per year. Getting 100k users hooked is an easy five megadollars! Clever, yes?

To extend the reach Microsoft sent out this email: (Just an image here, links don’t work)


Go ahead, fill it up, friends! And if you have more pictures than fit in your OneDrive, remember that over on Flickr you get 1 TB free (that’s 1000 GB).


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