OneDrive is Live

RIP SkyDrive?

Today, February 19, 2014, OneDrive stepped into place for SkyDrive.


Interestingly, when you sign in, the URL showing in the address bar of the browser is “” – so there is still a little life left in the old


On first sign in to your account you see a welcome, get a little video and some “Get started” – that early this day still did not function as you expect. Many of the links are not yet working.

For more details go to the OneDrive Blog


Scroll down and you will see that this is the old SkyDrive blog.

What seems to be new is that Microsoft has finally put given up on groups. If you have set up a group before or are a member of an older group, those still work, but just try finding the way to set up a new one!


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2 Responses to OneDrive is Live

  1. Greg Edwards says:

    Yeah, I ran into some of the same issues with my initial OneDrive experience, Ludwig. Check your OneDrive storage on the website, though. You may find you got the 3 GB bump for backing up your camera roll, even if the initial link didn’t work. I’m assuming you’re still carrying a Windows Phone, right? 😉

    The old Groups are basically defunct. I still have the “All Things Live” group from back in the day, but there’s really not much functional to do with it anymore. The group’s folders now show up as part of my OneDrive, the group’s calendar shows up as an calendar, the group’s email address still works, and some basic management UI is still there, but discussions were deprecated a long time ago.

    There’s a rumor that co-ownership is coming soon to OneDrive, which would replace some of the old Groups functionality, as you could set up a folder with other co-owners and dump everything in there. Skype can do group IM. Windows Phone 8 has this feature called Rooms that kind of weaves all that together as well (works best when everyone has a Windows Phone, of course). But you’re probably better off making a Facebook group if you want something more traditionally social.

    • Ludwig says:

      Thanks Greg! – Yes I still have a Windows phone but it is first generation and the old SkyDrive photos backup didn’t work for me. The SkyDrive app however still works.
      For groups I have been active over on Google Plus communities.

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