OneDrive Advancements

Microsoft adds new OneDrive features

The competition to be the “one and only” in the personal cloud storage competition continues to bring us improvements and enhancements. The latest from Microsoft OneDrive are a number of nice updates for photo albums.

The thumbnails are now much larger than before. There are still some sizing quirks that need to get worked out as the small images are not always in the correct proportions.


The little slide shows on the folder tiles can now be replaced with a fixed cover photo.


This is a neat feature. The next step will likely be lager folder tiles as the present small images seem a bit outdated now.

One “feature” that I find a bit bothersome is the way OneDrive is presented differently to the owner and public visitors. Here are two views, the first as I see it when signed in, and the second as it appears to visitors. This has to do with the permission on folders and photos.



For more on the updates see the OneDrive blog post Updating OneDrive: Five New Features You Asked For


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9 Responses to OneDrive Advancements

  1. Geoff Coupe says:

    Stil no support for searching of Tags… Stil Microsoft has only been talking about it in the team for the last two years

  2. cedwards13 says:

    Apologies for not knowing more but, you mentioned the Public can view these. Is that automatic or do we turn that on? I do not want to be Saving my photos to OneDrive, and have them open to Public View. Concerning.
    thank you

    • Ludwig says:

      By default OneDrive folders are private. You have to intentionally share a folder or photos, or other items, to make them accessible to others. If you store photos in your OneDrive that you want to publish in a public blog, for example, you need to make the folder public, share – “get a link”. There is a sharing option for that. The sharing options are very “granular” and you can see the settings for every folder or photo, so this is very versatile.

  3. Thanks for the “Follow,” it brought me here to your site. I recently made the jump from XP to Windows 8.1 so I’m sure your posts will be of considerable help.

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