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ZDNet reported on June 10, 2014 on a recent update to OneDrive, formerly SkyDrive: Microsoft slips sync changes into OneDrive on Windows 8.1 This is a useful small improvement that on Windows 7 systems was installed automatically but requires user-intervention on Windows 8.1 machines.

imageRight-click on the little OneDrive (cloud) icon in the notification area of the taskbar. If it does not have all the options shown in this screen clip, do another update.

To start an update use the search tool and enter “update” then click on “Check for updates”.

When you see the screen shown below click on “View Details”.


You will see the available updates. Important updates are checked, but there is an update under “Optional” that is not checked. This update contains the OneDrive improvements.


Click on the update KB2962409 to select it and then click Install. After the update process you will see the OneDrive options as shown above.


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