OneDrive storage aplenty!

Microsoft announced a while back that the storage space on OneDrive would be increased. The free allotment is now 15 GB and an Office 365 subscription gets you an additional terabyte (TB).

OneDrive-140716-03The extra space is now being rolled out. You can see in the illustration here that I now have  well over one terabyte available on my OneDrive.

So the cloud war is picking up again. It wasn’t so long ago that Yahoo increased the storage allowance for Flickr users to one terabyte.

Google is lagging at the moment at 15 GB.

All this cloud storage space now makes backing up to the cloud something that can be seriously considered.


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2 Responses to OneDrive storage aplenty!

  1. donna213 says:

    Good information, Ludwig. I am not a Microsoft user anymore since they got rid of their free websites for businesses. I was the administrator on three sites I created, and once Microsoft made them a paid service, all three went to GoDaddy. Microsoft was too much more money.

    • Ludwig says:

      Thank you Donna,
      I too had a Microsoft site and was taking care of several for some small businesses. Most were moved over to GoDaddy and a couple to 1and1 because of their better support for email accounts. I still like much of what Microsoft is doing, but you can see in my posts there is much that I think they are failing on badly.

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