Installing the Windows 10 Preview

Windows Technical Preview is here

After taking a drumming with Windows 8, Microsoft wants to distance itself with that debacle by not even using the next number in sequence, so on to Windows 10!


Eager to take it for a spin? The “Windows Technical Preview” is now available for testing. This is not a finished product and Microsoft warns not to think of it as a upgrade that is ready now. To try it out you need a PC other than your primary computer to test it on.  There are  two versions available. In this article I will discuss the version that front and center on the Microsoft site, the “Enterprise” edition will be the topic of a later article.

Installing Windows Technical Preview


  • Do not install the Windows 10 preview on your primary computer.

  • Do not install the preview on a PC that contains anything of value.

If you don’t have an unused PC lying around, consider installing the Windows Technical Preview on a virtual machine. That too has some drawbacks if you want to see how this works on a real PC, since you will need a working virtual machine with a prior version of Windows already installed. The “Enterprise” edition can be installed as a new virtual machine, but that is a topic for another day.

The machine you are installing on needs to be up to date. For Windows 7 that means SP1 and current updates. If your machine is not up-to-date you will see a warning advising you that your system is not acceptable. Run Windows Update to get your machine ready.

Start at  – You will be invited to join the “Windows Insider Program”. A necessary step. You will need to accept the terms.


Click on install Technical Preview. The next page offers a Get the upgrade link.


Read that page, especially the warnings carefully. You will see the usual download banner.


Note that it is a small executable that starts you on your way to Windows 10. You can save the small file and run it later or you can click Run and be on your way.

Warning! There is no looking back, there is no easy way out. Once you leap over this cliff you are committed! When you delete a file you get a warning, not so here. This process will start the installation process. Once you run this little program the next, and only thing you will see is this:


If you don’t restart you will be hounded by the “restating in 10 minutes” warnings. Your system is set up to proceed with the installation. Swallow hard and go on. If you do want to bail out now the easiest way is to run Restore and go back one restore point.

After restarting the Windows Update dialog comes up and you will shortly see this:


Click Install and you are on your way. You can see from the file size, almost 2.7 GB, that this is a large install and will take some time. Indeed after the download the installation itself takes quite a bit of time. For me it took about an hour and a half to get to the desktop screen shown above.

So, is Windows 10 the answer to all the complaints and shortcomings? The Windows Technical Review only provides a very preliminary glimpse of what is to come. The system boots to the desktop. The start menu is back. The “modern” apps run on the desktop in normal windows, they can be resized and handled just like real programs.

How the preview meets the needs of photo enthusiasts will be the topic of another article in this short series on Windows 10.


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