Windows 10 – Is it soup yet?

Importing Photos in Windows 10

The latest Windows 10 Technical Preview, Build 10041,  already looks much more professional than the “for toddlers only” feel of Windows 8 and 8.1. The full screen Start page is gone as is the full screen “All apps” page in the default installation.


Win10-10041-20Clicking All apps in the Start menu now brings up an alphabetical listing (see yellow arrow in illustration) so you can scroll down to what you are looking for. The full screen Start page can still be the better choice, especially on small hand-held devices. The default properties settings are shown in the illustration here. On my version of Windows 10 TP, running in a virtual machine, checking the “Show Start …” box did not do so.

For me and my fellow photo-enthusiasts there are some more important things, however. Importing , managing, enhancing and sharing photos is high on our list.

One of the faults in Windows 8.1 is the malfunctioning AutoPlay feature. That, sadly, has not yet been fixed in the Technical Preview.


Win10-10041-26In the AutoPlay setup menu the choices for Pictures media type or Camera storage show View pictures (Photo Gallery) but not an import option. When set to Ask me every time, the only options are Open device to view files  File Explorer, or Take no action.

Hey Microsoft! TAKE ACTION! Fix this!

It is understandable that in a Technical Preview codecs for photo files might not yet be supplied. Back in Windows XP a missing codec would not only be detected, the system would go out and find the file and install it with just a few clicks. Not so in Windows 10 TP.  Installing the Nikon codec for my Nikon camera (see Resource page) worked without any problem or complaint.

Photo Gallery has a manual import option which works fine. It detects the camera and goes out to find the photos. Importing works smoothly as it has in Photo Gallery for many years. Win10-10041-31

Using the Resize option for bulk conversion to JPG format also works as expected. Photo Gallery adds the new picture size to the end of the file name. To clean up my file names I have used a BAT, batch file, for many years. I am delighted to report that BAT files work as nicely in Windows 10 as the have worked in earlier Windows versions, indeed, in PCs since before Windows.


To sum up, Windows 10 Technical Preview is a useful platform for photographers. The tools, especially Photo Gallery, work well. Codecs have to be installed manually, however.

And AutoPlay, well, it ought to play but doesn’t. So Windows 10 Technical Preview is on its way, it isn’t soup yet, but the water is getting warm.


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20 Responses to Windows 10 – Is it soup yet?

  1. Geoff Coupe says:

    Thanks for keeping an eye on how Microsoft is shaping up to deal with photos in Windows 10. I have to say that I’m less than enthusiastic over what I see in Windows 10 in general when it comes to the Tablet experience. It seems to me that Microsoft has worsened the tablet experience that we have in Windows 8.1 in favour of trying to please Desktop users.

    For example, you touched on one aspect in your post: accessing All Apps is now an eternally scrolling single column list, instead of a quick and easy horizontally-scrolling multi-column screen.

    I also loathe and detest having the Taskbar sticking its nose in when I’m in tablet mode. According to Microsoft, this is now the default behaviour. Frankly, I wonder if they have any tablet users in the team – their tablet UI decisions in Windows 10 strike me as bizarre and retrograde.

  2. I have good and bad news for you Ludwig… first, the good news: Windows 10 includes a brand new application programming interface (API) that programmers can use to import photos and videos. It is simpler and quicker than what was available to programmers in earlier versions of Windows, Windows Vista and Windows 7 in particular – which is what Photo Gallery uses under the hood – and more suited for consumption by modern Windows Store applications. The bad news is the photo import user experience in the new Windows 10 Photos app will not be anywhere near as complete as what you currently have in Photo Gallery, at least initially, as the Photo Import API was literally added yesterday (in build 10154) and there is very little time left for the Photos team to take advantage of it, given the close proximity of the OS release. Fortunately, since the Photos app is a true Windows Store app this time, users may get frequent automatic updates and things might get better in the weeks and months following the initial Windows 10 release…

    • Ludwig says:

      Thank you, Axel!
      Can you imagine a car manufacturer introducing a new model with the explanation that the technology is so new that they were not able to include a forward gear? “Just keep backing up around town until you get to your destination.” Just how many times can Microsoft shoot themselves in the foot and survive?

    • Geoff Coupe says:

      Axel, I note that you use “may” and “might” in your last sentence.

      I’m beginning to lose track of how many backward steps Microsoft are taking in Windows 10 (e.g. smart files gone, DLNA support worsened, Metro IE dropped, Metro Skype dropped, Charms bar gone. and so on…). There’s an awful lot of catching up to do, and I fear that it won’t happen quickly, if ever.

  3. Barb Bratten says:

    How do you find the codes to install photo gallery? I had Vista and my computer died so we got the Window 10 and I hate the photo app only option.

    • Ludwig says:

      Barb, Here is where you can get Photo Gallery: — It works fine in Windows 10. I am working on a new post on how to import photos, still testing a few items to make sure.

      • Barb Bratten says:

        I went there and do not see a download button, just info about it and across the bottom for my screen it said this is for older versions you have windows 10.

      • Ludwig says:

        Sorry Barb,
        Keeping up with Microsoft is a real chore. Do this: In the menu bar of this blog click Resources On the page that comes up click Learn More This takes you to a download page. Scroll down to the list of languages. Click English (United States) (or another language of your choice). This downloads a small program to provide more options. You will see a download notification bar at the bottom of the browser window. Click Run. A UAC dialog ask for permission to go on – give it. On the next dialog click Choose the programs you want to install. Uncheck everything but Photo Gallery and Movie Maker (sorry, they are now inseparable) – make sure that is checked. Click Install.
        I have tried this on a Windows 10 Home machine and it worked. I have my fingers crossed that it will work for you. Please let me know if it did. Seems like my post will need another major update before I can share it .

      • Barb Bratten says:

        It worked! Thank you so much. I really appreciate you taking the time to help me.

  4. Yea how do u keep up with everything.? recently not knowing what I do but dare I went to default and lost all photos, docs libraries, yuck so i thought picasa would save me but the dorks made all photos too little, tle pixels,, to marry google. no present for them.b

  5. I meant to say that i edit photo in Picasa and when they are moved to photos they are unedited , What can I do? thanks b
    also the letters have worn off keyboard , only the good ones . what can I do?
    Master Ludwig, from a Herman Hesse bookl

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