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For a couple of months I have been testing the preview version of Office 2016. Each time I open Word I am intrigued by the templates that are offered:


Preparing blog posts is supported in Word! The prior versions of Word are totally useless in they way they “support” blogging. Maybe this has been improved in the new version of Word 2016. Word-02

The first step is register the blog. The dialog looks awfully familiar. OK, I proceed.

Word-03The second dialog is just as familiar – it looks the same as in older versions of Word, just the cleaner, simpler look of the new Windows 10 offerings.

Sadly, this is followed by the same error dialog from before. Word cannot successfully connect to my blog. Word-04

In Word 2010 I had, and still have, the same problem. It just doesn’t work cleanly and correctly.

You’d think such a know problem would not have been moved verbatim into a new product. I am not disclosing any secrets here. Just that Microsoft has not really paid any attention to bloggers. Nothing new here.

The last Microsoft effort to support blogging is the superb and unsurpassed Live Writer, not updated since 2012. Of course it works like a charm. This post is prepared on it running in Windows 10 Technical Preview.


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