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Have I been too critical, Microsoft?

The relationship between Microsoft and myself goes back nearly three decades. During that time I developed software for fun and for industrial applications,  Microsoft-manualsmuch of it for PCs, and mostly Windows PCs at that. Microsoft tools and software figured, and still figures, high in my “toolshed”. To show you, I dug into my archive for some illustrations, here a couple of books from the last millennium.

Often I have expressed admiration for the many Microsoft products that I have relied on. At times I have been outspoken in my opinions, “I calls ‘em as I sees ‘em”, as the expression goes. You may have seen some of my rants here at This ‘n That.

I am no longer in the Microsoft Developer Network, having retired from paid work some years back. But I still do have friends inside Microsoft, and there are many others there whom I hold in the highest regard.

I am still on a number of mailing lists. So it was no surprise when I got an email earlier today from Microsoft.

I did get a surprise, and quite a chuckle, however, when I tried to respond to it.

So first the email:


Make your Voice Heard” it said boldly. Naturally I wanted to share my thoughts on the “products I love”.

And this is what I got by clicking “Go to Survey” or “share your thoughts”.


Sorry, you are not invited to appear for this survey.” So the invitation to “Tell us what you think about Microsoft” was not meant to include me. Come on, my friends, I haven’t been that harsh in the past, have I?

Oh, well, my feelings are only bruised a little. Winking smile Angry smile


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4 Responses to Microsoft Survey

  1. cedwards13 says:

    oooooh blatant etiquette faux pas to say the very least……OBVIOUSLY, they are not searching for truth….. 😉

  2. AlexO says:

    😀 😢 Sent by myself ably assisted by the late Steve Jobs.

  3. Beatrice says:

    Their loss, Ludwig.

  4. Beatrice says:

    Forgot to add that I thought this was a post about the forthcoming new Windows OS. I have already received notice that I was eligible for an upgrade, but prefer not to change.

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