Windows 10 is coming!

Windows 10 is on its way

Microsoft has started the free upgrade process to Windows 10 for PCs running Windows 7 (SP1) and Windows 8.1. The date of the installation will happen some time after July 29, 2015. That is the announced starting date for rolling out the new operating system.

Win10-U-02There is already, or will be soon, a little icon in the notification area of your taskbar. A little Windows logo that says “Get Windows 10” when you put the pointer on it.

Click on it and the “reservation” process for your upgrade is set in motion. You will see this announcement:


It explains “How this free upgrade works”. You can make a “reservation” to get notifications and installed updates. To get on the list, and near the head of the line, just fill in your email address and send the “reservation” on its way.


The download package is about 3 GB, quite a large file. The installation process will also take a while. With the preview releases on my test machines it can take several hours, so be prepared to let your computer spend some time on this upgrade.

Windows 10 looks very promising from what I have seem. The latest preview version (Build 10130) is being rolled out at this time (June 1, 2015).


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5 Responses to Windows 10 is coming!

  1. Thanks! Useful information. I appreciate it.

  2. Smartfella says:

    My reservation has been made. Thanks. AlexO

  3. Catriaa says:

    Question…..I have done all my updates (currently on 8.1) had a tough time getting them done, but I am not being given any messages that there are any left to do. However, I do not have the “Reserve 10” icon????

    Any ideas / suggestions?

    thank you
    seriously thinking of moving back to a Mac after over 20 years on a PC. Easier to interface with my phone and tablet. Support would be in ONE place…..not with HP and with Windows. grrrrrrrr

    • Ludwig says:

      The updater in Windows 8.1 starts in the background when the PC comes up. When you then start the check for updates request an error message might result as the process is already underway. In the latest Windows 10 Preview build that has been working much more smoothly. I expect that in time you will receive your upgrade invitation. Windows 10 in the Preview edition already is a much more appealing system than Windows 8.1 and functions much more like what you expect it to do. It seems like a nice step forward. Hang in there and wait for the new version (starting July 29, 2015). You might like it!

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