OneDrive Mail

Now What? Mail from my OneDrive?

Going through the morning mail I found this:


“You uploaded some weekend photos to your OneDrive and we automatically selected a few to show you.”

The email contained a half dozen of the images that I had uploaded to my OneDrive over the weekend. I do this often so I can work on the images with different computers in various locations. As you can see from the black bars on the sides, this image was not ready for sharing. I did the perspective correction on my PC that has ICE, the marvelous Microsoft Image Composite Editor, then uploaded it so I can work on it on another PC where I am trying out another image editor. I find that using OneDrive for going back and forth between PCs is a real convenience for me.

I did know that OneDrive keeps an eye on my pictures. It looks at pictures and assigns tags to them. For this picture it added #Outdoor and #Street. Can’t quibble with that. What I did not know is that OneDrive is a big brother who checks on me and suggests that I stay in touch with friends and family by sharing my uploaded photos.


The email from OneDrive says: “We’ll occasionally send a recap based on photos that you uploaded to OneDrive during a weekend. To share the photos we selected with friends and family, you can just forward this email.”

At least it seems to promise to do this only for weekend photos, but what is it watching during the week?

So we add OneDrive to our friends list, or should I saw to our “big brothers” list. Have we finally arrived at George Orwell’s 1984? It is just a little bit frightening.

There is also a bad taste in my mouth from Microsoft getting rid of Groups in OneDrive. Wouldn’t it be nice to just share my OneDrive recap to my family group? Just think, maybe OneDrive could do this automatically, all on its own! I could stay in touch with my friends without lifting a finger!

Ach, progress!! Where will it take us next?!


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  1. Catriaa says:

    sadly, we arrived at Orwell’s prediction, a long time ago. It gives a shuddering feeling, how much these programs know, and share between themselves and worrisome, with others and the internet in general.

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