Viewing Photosynth on Windows 10

Photosynth is a delightful way to show and see panoramas and “similar” visuals. It has been significantly improved since the early days when it primarily showed ovelapping views. I recently assembled some panoramas and also used the Photosynth desktop program to assemble the photos.

It was quite a surprise when I tried to view my creation on a laptop running Windows 10. The panorama produced in Microsoft Image Composite Editor and uploaded to Photosynth worked flawlessly, but the little show produced in the Photosynth tool gave this result:


Really, Microsoft? Just one of the photos shows with a message overlay:

“This page requires Internet Explorer and Silverlight.”

So I used the Opera browser to go to the site. Photosynth runs fine there, but there is an ominous warning.


“This site uses a plug-in (Silverlight) that will soon be unsupported.”

Try it yourself: Food Truck Alley – Photos.

This does not build confidence in what Microsoft is doing with Photosynth in spite of the invitation to “Experience the new Photosynth 3D”. Maybe they should try to fix the 2D version first.

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