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Make your own colorful text


Here is a simple way to set text using a colorful picture as the fill color for the lettering. All you need is the photo or drawing you want to use as the text background and Paint. Yes, Paint the program on your PC that has been part of Windows, including Windows 10, since time immemorial.

Open the photo in Paint. Reduce the View so the photo takes up about half the working area. Then drag the right edge over to approximately double the canvas size.


I used an abstract image that is 2000 pixels wide, so my new canvas was 3920px wide. That provided enough space for fairly large text.

Now draw a black rectangle on the right side. That will be the space for your text.


Use the text tool to place your text in the black area. Set the main color, Color 1,  to white so you’ll have white text on the black field. The text tool provides sizes up to 72 in the drop-down menu, but you can enter any value in the size field.


For my message, “Happy New Year”, I entered 120 to get that large size. The font name field provides whatever is installed on your computer. Select a fairly fat font and set it to bold.

When you are happy with the text, set Color 2, the background color to white. Click Transparent selection in the Select drop-down menu. Use the selection tool to select around the text.


Drag the selected text over the background image. The text itself will be transparent and you can position it for the best look. Click outside the selected area to “fix” the patch to the image.

Next select the text inside the black area. This will become your final image.


Click Crop. There is just one step to go. Set Color 1 to white. Use the fill tool to set the space around your text to white. Also fill any closed areas inside letters.


That’s it. You now have your multi-colored text, maybe with interesting picture areas inside the letters. Just save the image as a PNG. That way you can resize it latter to whatever size you may need.

Happy New Year!


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  1. Smartfella says:

    Spent 20 minutes trying to “Now draw a black rectangle on the right side. That will be the space for your text.” I gave up.

    • Ludwig says:

      Sorry, Smartfella. Here is a new post that includes the method for drawing a black rectangle in Paint: How do I draw shapes in Paint?

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