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WordPress on Your Desktop

Santa Claus was good this season to bloggers. Windows Live Writer was allowed by Microsoft to become Open Live Writer and WordPress introduced its desktop app, simply called the app.

The desktop app offers a quick and easy way to prepare a post, manage your blogs and catch up with the WordPress blogs you follow.

Here is a view of the App download page.

WordPressApp-21 App download page

Once you have downloaded and installed the app you are ready to set it up. No problem there, just log in and moments later all is ready.

You can add the app to your taskbar or use a desk top shortcut to open the app. Here is how it looks on a Windows 10 PC.


The desktop app is functionally almost identical to the online in-browser version at [sign in with your WordPress credentials].

The Reader in the app lets you review the blogs you follow just like the online version. The only major difference is that when you click Visit to read the entire post, your browser opens to the post, you don’t get it in the desktop version.


Clicking the “stubby pencil” edit icon shows you your blogs so you can select the one you wish to blog to.


The post is automatically saved every few minutes. If you stopped and come back later the draft is available via a link in the upper left.


The composing area is just like the online version. It is not WYSIWYG, “what you see is what you get”. This is quite disconcerting to those of use used to Live Writer. It does make sense, considering that most themes nowadays are responsive and scale and wrap as the viewing window is changed or as the blog is seen on smaller devises like tablets or smartphones.


There is one serious shortcoming and that is the way inserted media is handled. When inserting the image can be selected from your blog Media Library or uploaded to it from your device. There is not much control over the image. You can position and size a picture but there are no options for adding a caption or a link.

Fortunately the post in preparation is saved frequently to you blog server and you can make edits in the WordPress Dashboard with all the options there.

This post was composed in the desktop app and saved as a draft (there is a SAVE link after you type something) and then reviewed and touched up in the Dashboard editor.

Categories and tags show in the app and can be assigned and new ones created.


Even the Featured Image can be set from the app. There are still some bugs, but nothing major. It is definitely worth your while to download and use the App for your desktop.


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7 Responses to Blogging with the app

  1. Interesting to read the ins and outs of the changes at WordPress. I struggle to make head or tail of Reader, it seems to be neither one thing nor the other. Perhaps its better tablet or phone based.
    Always good to pick up a tip or two.

  2. glenncogar says:

    I like the app for the Mac too 😀

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  4. Laura Cereta says:

    Well, I now have the app and I answered my earlier question: I was able to go in and break up my longer pieces with the “read more” tag by editing them. My blog is much, much cleaner and easier to read. What else are you gonna teach me?;)

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