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The WordPress.com desktop app is a nice way to keep your blogging world neatly in one place. In my earlier review I mentioned shortcomings in media handling (Blogging with the WordPress.com app). Now it seems these shortcomings are also showing up in the in-browser version and in the WordPress Dashboard editor.

Take a look at the two images, see if you notice the problem.



Did you notice that in the top image there is a size option which is missing in the second screen capture? Both of these come from the Dashboard editor.

In my decades of work in software development I learned early on that the surest path to failure is an inconsistent and confusing user interface.

I have found no explanation or reason for this behavior in the WordPress editor. In the desktop app there is no sizing option. What is the reason for this giant leap backwards? Why would WordPress want to confuse its users? Why take options away that are used to enhance the look of blogs and sites?


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24 Responses to WordPress.com

  1. Yep, I tried the Desktop app.
    I’m obviously not the target audience. I couldn’t get it to do some of the simple things I can do on line and I generally tend to use the ‘old’ style editor anyway.
    Linking of photos also seemed to be a problem to me, and that is the very reason I am blogging.

    Back the web editor for me.

    Good luck on Blogging 101

  2. Garden Crafter says:

    That’s exactly why I cannot resize my graphics to the proper size for my headings! Thank you! An did you ever notice certain themes let their heading move to different screen sizes? What happened to wysiwyg? The designed header should just shrink or expand in size too fit to the screen, not move the header text on the header image! Love your insight and suggestions.

  3. Laura Cereta says:

    I have seen soooo many people having problems with blogs, whether it’s design, widgets, entire theme, etcetera, etcetera. etcetera. What’s up WordPress.com? Grrr! On a side note, you’re in a blog post I’m writing (you’ll see) and I clicked on your name and you were talking about lack of followers and comments. Well I can tell that has been rectified. You’re getting comments now, and for one, follow you:) It just takes time!

    • Ludwig says:

      Thank you Laura,
      “On a side note” – My complaint in Ludwig’s Ramblings applied to that blog. On that there is no Follow button because WordPress does not support that in WordPress.ORG installations. I do appreciate comments and followers here, I have a couple dozen followers and get about 80 views a day. More on that in my next post in Ludwig’s ramblings. Good luck to anyone here trying to find it. It is exactly TWO clicks away from here.

  4. Marie says:

    Could it be the lower image is not scalable.. I notice the lower image details box also does not have an edit original button. Just a thought.

    • Ludwig says:

      Thank you, Marie,
      Don’t know why it would not be scalable, but I will investigate some more.

      • Marie says:

        The lower image looks like a screen shot of a image editing program. Perhaps it is a bitmap or another format that can’t be modified in WordPress. WP images should be in one of the following formats: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif. The images above don’t show the image format so it is hard to tell.

      • Ludwig says:

        Indeed one is a JPG (upper) and the other a PNG (lower). I checked to see if PNGs do not show the scaling options. I even tried some new uploads. PNGs scale fine. I have not even been able to determine when the problems arises.

  5. Laura Cereta says:

    @Ludwig I didn’t see a place to comment on Cafe Ludwig: One Good Tern so I have to do it here. Have you read my tweets? (@laura_cereta) I tweeted one of your pics and made a cute comment and it got quite a few RT’s Then it was published on the front page of “The Photography and Me Daily Part 2” Paper.li/GoodPhotosBlog… on the front page! I also made you my :#FeaturedBlog of the day. I know that’s the biggest honor yet:)) Also I have a question for you. (OF COURSE! Who else would I go to w/ my many tech Q’s? lol) Mu friend is starting a blog and wants to hook up with other stay at home mom’s and blogs about parenting. How would she find that with hastags or the Reader? I still haven’t figured that out. I’d love to follow more political and tech blogs. Then I can bother them;) But don’t worry…you’ll still be my fav person to bother. I’m teasing! — LC

  6. That is confusing. Consistency WP. No follow button in the menu bar, maybe it is because when I came here the web address is https://. Maybe try without a secure IP address.

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