Blogging Project – Monday Window

Join the fun – “Monday Window”

Monday Window” is a weekly blog post featuring one or more photos of windows as the main subject. The posts are published every Monday at 14:16 UTC.

This is just a fun project, it keeps you looking with fresh eyes at your neighborhood, your city, and all the places you visit. Keep you camera with you. Snap views of interesting windows. Share them on your blog once a week, schedule the post to publish the next Monday at 20:16 UTC. So that all participating bloggers publish at the same time. See what others have contributed under the tag “Monday Window”.


For a bit more information click here: Participate in the Monday Window project.

Come on, have more fun with your camera and your blog! Join in!

UPDATED5 Feb 2016 – Now links point to the new home of Monday Window:
Two Cameras – Two Views


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3 Responses to Blogging Project – Monday Window

  1. joannesisco says:

    I like the shimmery reflection on the windows. It has a watery effect 🙂

  2. julial213 says:

    That’s for stopping by my blog and for the follow. I love the windows.

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