OneDrive again allows sourcing of images

During the extensive changes to OneDrive in the past couple of years the ability to use it as a source for embedded images in websites and blogs had been removed. This popular feature has been made available again.


The “more” option on the menu bar of an image now offers “Embed” as an option.


The three illustrations above show the dialog panel where you request to generate the URL to the image in OneDrive. The generated URL includes the size requested. There is an option to specify the size of the image that will be provided. Offered sizes are: Original Size – the full size stored in OneDrive, Large – 1024px, Medium – 660px, and Small – 256px.

OneDrive-ImageSourcing-12A “Include HTML tags” checkbox when selected provides the code with the “img src=” and size tag code surrounding the URL. For use in Live Writer leave that box unchecked.

Live Writer works with the generated URL just as you would expect.

Caution: The image provided is the size specified in the OneDrive option. It can readily be scaled to another size, however, scaling up is not a good idea since resolution will be reduced. This is illustrated in the two following images. The first one was specified as 256px. If you are viewing this on a decent size monitor you will notice that it is fuzzy due to being scaled up. The second image was specified as 1024px and will be scaled down and look much sharper.

Hurray and a tip ‘o the hat! Many thanks to the Microsoft OneDrive team for getting this highly valued feature back into OneDrive.


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6 Responses to OneDrive again allows sourcing of images

  1. Vicky says:

    That’s very helpful and coincidentally moments before reading your post, I am just offloading my phone photos onto One drive for the very first time!

    • Ludwig says:

      Thank you Vicky,
      Do take a look ands see if your uploaded photos from your phone are full resolution. Some uploaders to OneDrive resize the photos before uploading.

  2. glenncogar says:

    this goes on my tech bucket list to try 😀

    • Ludwig says:

      It is a great option. In years past I sourced most of my blog images right from my OneDrive. When that feature was discontinued a number of users protested loudly. Microsoft listened and found a way to restore the sourcing option that provides good security.

  3. All the software options available to us make me dizzy. OneDrive seems to be part of my computer, so I suppose it’s time I started learning what it’s about. So far, I’ve ignored it completely!

    • Ludwig says:

      If you have a Microsoft account, you have a OneDrive. If you have Windows 10 then you most likely signed up for a Microsoft account and have or similar email. Yes, log in, same credentials, and take a look. Go to if you need help.

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