The Wall on Hutchinson Island

Almost seven years ago one of my first posts here was an article about Live Search and was prepared on the then quite new Windows Live Writer. Live Search long ago became Bing, Windows Live Writer, ignored by Microsoft for the last four years, has been re-incarnated as Open Live Writer.

This article is a bit of a celebration, although actually about  Bing Maps, is written on the newest Open Live Writer Built

On another blog, Two Cameras – Two Views, I showed a couple of interesting photos as part of Thursday Doors, a weekly feature for door lovers around the world, conducted by Norman Frampton.



These doors, just rectangular openings in a concrete wall, have trees and plants growing in front of them, have been clearly unused for many years. Norm asked about the location.

I had taken these photos some four years ago on Hutchinson Island across the river from Savannah, Georgia, behind the Savannah International Trade and Convention Center. Here is a bit of café art based on one of my photos.

Savannah International Trade and Convention Center

Clearly this is a very modern building. Is that old wall still there? It is a bit of a drive to check out this question so I turned to Bing Maps. Maybe is is still shown.

Wall-Hutchinson Island

Sure enough. Using Bird’s Eye View that old wall can be seen clearly. Note the pointer in the two screen capture images above.

Let’s fly around and get a closer view.

Hutchinson Island-9

Hutchinson Island-6

Yep, it’s still there, or at least was when these aerial photos were taken.

As neat as Bing Maps is at taking us there, don’t ever pass up a real visit to Savannah, it is a marvelous experience!


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  1. Vanessence says:

    Those old walls and door openings have a definite creepiness to them! They are very atmospheric – I can see a movie scene with those images.

  2. I too liked the doors. Very unexpected.

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