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One of the nice features of WordPress is the automatic sharing of posts to Social Media accounts. Setting up the sharing options is in the Dashboard > Settings > Sharing and there it now provides a link to Publicize Settings in the WordPress online editor.

Publicize-1It gets interesting there. The various media are shown, you can select the accounts where you want your posts to be added by WordPress. There is a step to grant permission. If you have multiple accounts or pages you can specify where your post will be shown.

For Facebook you can share to only one of your pages. For Twitter and Google+ you can share to more than one account or page.

When a post is published, WordPress places a post on the Social Media pages. It is fascinating that such posts are not what you get when you do it yourself.

Let’s take a look. If you tweet the URL of a blog post it looks like this:


The tweet will show the link and any text you add, but nothing more.

However, the automatic tweet from WordPress shows the Featured Image. That image is also added to your photo collection and it link back to the blog post. Very neat and impressive.



For Facebook it is similarly impressive. If you put the URL in a Facebook post, Facebook offers the Featured Image and sometimes others for showing in the post. You can select one image. Your own Facebook post would look like this:

The WordPress placed post on the other hand, once again is more impressive. It includes not only the featured image, but also the other images from the blog post. My habit is to use one of the images in a blog post as the Featured Image, so in this case that image is shown twice in the Facebook post. Even more useful is the inserted excerpt text from the blog post. FB1

The automatic post to Facebook also adds the other images in the blog post to the Facebook photos collection.

Google By now you are likely convinced that the way to publicize in Social Media is to let WordPress do it.  Well, it isn’t the best solution when it comes to Google+. Here is what the automatic post shows on my Google+ page.

A nice enough post, A text excerpt and the Featured Image.

There is a downer, however, right at the top the Google+ post says “Shared only with you”. That is of little use, certainly not worthy of the word “publicize”.

I have not (yet?) found the option for setting this to an automatic public share.


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9 Responses to WordPress Sharing

  1. Vanessence says:

    I haven’t found the public share for Google+ either. I did do a search for it a few weeks back, and best I could find is that Google doesn’t allow auto public sharing of auto posted content, so if you want it to be public, you have to do it manually.

    And they wondered why Google+ wasn’t doing as well as other social media, ha!

    Thanks for those screenshots, Ludwig! It’s nice to see the difference in how the posts go up. 🙂

    • Ludwig says:

      Thank you V, Google does try to have their own world. I appreciate learning that it isn’t just me. With all the customizations and “just for you” offerings in the social media I never know what others see and how they see it. I appreciate your help.

  2. Ludwig, thank you for this. I haven’t selected these options yet because doing so seems to give WordPress a whole lot of access. In the case of Facebook, it can see all my public profile posts and all my friends, although it does give me an opt-out for the latter. For Twitter, I give it permission to “Read Tweets from your timeline, See who you follow, and follow new people, Update your profile, Post Tweets for you.”

    So for now, I do it the hard way. But I have noticed that if I use the sharing buttons on a post, I do get the photos on both Twitter and Facebook, which saves having to upload them and add them to a tweet or post.

    • Ludwig says:

      Thank you Kathryn! Using the sharing buttons on the post is really not very time consuming, you just have to remember to do it. It is that part that I have trouble with, especially for scheduled posts. The buttons do a great job, even with Google+

  3. When sharing on Facebook how is the photo being used chosen…..facebook randomly chooses a photo as the one to display when I manually share the blog post…..and it is not always the first photo in the blog.

    • Ludwig says:

      The easiest way to get the image you want used by Facebook is to set it as the “Featured Image”. That seems to work properly all the time. I don’t know how Facebook picks when no Featured Image is set. Sometimes you get a little selector that lets you pick, but not all of the images.

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