AI Photo Interpreter

The computers are watching us!

Drum roll please! Now for the latest from Microsoft Cognitive Services: CaptionBot – an online AI (artificial intelligence) thingie that looks at photos and tells what it sees – sort of supplying a caption for the picture.

Of course I had to try it! I didn’t give it my  simplest photos either. The last one was this:


Well, it said “… it’s a bunch of traffic lights hanging from a wire.”  Not exactly. It got “wire” correct, although there are at least four of them, not counting the short ones. And only a computer algorithm could see these transformers as traffic lights. Well, I guess we still need drawing boards – let’s get back to them.

… and with that I think I broke it.


Go ahead, try it, it is fun! 

But please be kinder than I was. We need to nurture these youngsters 😉



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8 Responses to AI Photo Interpreter

  1. If the AI is responding to photos and you suggest trying it; I opt to not because it seems possible this AI may recognize your IP or email address and spam you forever. Stephen Hawking’s warning about AI may be the start of the Terminator. 😀

    • Ludwig says:

      I don’t think Microsoft will engage in spamming. Their objective is to get the instant feedback – you rate the the success 1 to 5 stars – for the system to learn and improve. Much cheaper than having a huge staff find photos and judge the results.

  2. Hmmm. Looks like more fodder for the Surveillance State to me. I do miss times when we thought the whole world knew everything about us because the village gossips listened in on the party line.

    • Ludwig says:

      Ha, but now that world is just a wee bit larger. And they are listening in! But don’t fret, privacy is a much over-rated thing. Who needs it anyway?

  3. Prior-01 says:

    wow – this is super neat – thanks for sharing – oh and I like your blog.

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