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The online WordPress Dashboard Editor has seen many improvements lately and does many neat things. WYSIWIG, “what you see is what you get”, is not one of them. That is quite intentional of the part of WordPress since blogs need to be responsive since mobile devices have become the leading means to follow blogs. There are some things it does poorly.

For a long time my theme for my “presentation” blogs, Gallery Ludwig and Silver Canvas, has been Nishita because it offers a gorgeous, full width (1024 pixel) layout. This way I can show off my photos and art as large images on a dark field.

To prepare my posts I use Live Writer, either the orphaned Windows Live Writer or the new Open Live Writer, so I can control the layout and see precisely what my post will look like. Alas, there is one feature that is very important to me that is lacking. Let me show you.


Because I have a mess of different blogs for various topics I have a “gateway” site, Cafe Ludwig, where I show my latest blog posts. This is done using Display WordPress Posts (Jetpack) widgets. WYSIWYG-19I like images there to help my readers quickly recognize what’s new. When posting using Live Writer just the post title shows as illustrated on the left side of the above image, see the post title circled in yellow.

To get an image to show, there has to be a “Featured Image”. That can be set in the WordPress online editor but not in Live Writer. So I prepare my posts in Live Writer and “Post draft to blog”. Then I go to the online editor, select my specific blog, click Posts, find the draft, click Edit, scroll down to Set featured image, click that and click the picture in the Media Library … A rather bothersome chore.

My posts are rather simple, mostly a single photo or art work, so I figured to do it all in the WordPress Dashboard Editor. After all, I had done it so many times I knew what it would look like. I pre-sized the image to 1024 pixels and used the very simple drag-and-drop upload method to insert the photo. I selected Full size. The surprise was that the image published not at all full size. See the illustration on the right. The photo of the thistles is much smaller than the photo of the anchor which was done using Live Writer.

This annoyed me no end.

So I compared the settings and HTML code in the Dashboard Editor.


Notice that the setting in Image Details says Size  Full Size – 1024 x 768. However, in the “Text” view (the code is inset in the illustration above) the code reads “width=“774” height=“581” . Not exactly the same.

Why, why, dear WordPress do you deceive me?

What about when posting using Live Writer?


Well, the Image Details dialog does not show any size settings, but the code shows width=“1012” height=“772”. (Inset.)

Hurray for Live Writer! Brickbats for WordPress!


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7 Responses to WordPress Editor

  1. Hi Ludwig. This issue may occur in WordPress because of your image size settings.I don’t know where to find it on WordPress.org, but if you’re in WordPress.com, you need to go to the old editor, then WPAdmin/Settings/Media. There you can change the default settings for your small, medium and large images, the latter of which I believe would correspond to “full size” in dot org.

    • Ludwig says:

      Thank you, Kathryn,
      Gallery Ludwig is a WordPress.com blog (at https://galleryludwig.wordpress.com/ ) My Media Settings there are, and have been, 150, 300, and 1024 pixels for Thumbnail, Medium and Large settings (both width and height). So this isn’t the problem. Afraid it is a WordPress editor bug.

  2. Vanessence says:

    Live Writer is still the best blogging tool, in my opinion. I’m still using the old standard one as I don’t have Windows 10 on my desktop, and Live Writer still runs rings around anything else out there, including the WP post editor.

    • Ludwig says:

      Indeed, there is nothing that beats Live Writer. The only problem is that some of the newer features are not handled by LW (not yet?).

      • Vanessence says:

        No, that’s true, some of the newer features aren’t handled by WLW. And probably won’t ever be, as apparently Microsoft has put the sunset on it. The new one, the OLW, holds promise, I’m sure. 🙂 I blog from my desktop which is, and will remain!, Windows 7, so I can’t use OLW on this computer.

        If MS ever decides to work on WLW again, or even offer it for sale, I am so there. 🙂

      • Ludwig says:

        Since Microsoft released WLW to the Open Source community it is not likely that they will do anything further with it. OLW development seems to have been stalled for the past few months. I have not heard from the new group.

        As to staying on Windows 7 – why? Windows 10 does a fine job and any programs not working on 10 will soon be upgraded, I’m sure. Old stuff works well too. I continue to use batch files for renaming photo files – they work like a charm.

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