Six Years ago: Goodbye Spaces!

Six Years on WordPress



Amazing how time flies. It was just six years ago that Microsoft helped bloggers on its Spaces site to move to WordPress. The Microsoft “Clubhouse” was still the place for geeks to gather. Spaces evolved with fits and starts into OneDrive. I suspect there is nobody left at Microsoft who even remembers “Spaces” or the “Clubhouse”.

The move from one blogging service to another went amazingly smoothly. Old posts came over, the layout changed, but they are still readable. My Facebook and CafeLudwig links still take you there. The old tag links no longer work. Below is my first post made on the new, to me, blogging service, WordPress.

It took a few days after the account was set up to get the first post out. Here it is. Enjoy and celebrate with me my six years on WordPress.dots

Goodbye Spaces

Welcome to This ‘n That at It is a sad day as I have to say goodbye to Spaces, and yet a good day for a new start here. It was fun and rewarding building the blog, posting stories and how-to articles and finding a receptive audience. With the discontinuation of Spaces, this move to WordPress has been full of new challenges. It will take some time to sort out all the little  problems. I hope my readers will come and feel at home here. Not everything is quite functional, and a number of article ideas have been delayed because of the move. Please bear with me, exciting times are ahead.

Ludwig J.

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  1. prior.. says:

    Six years on wp….
    And reading your intro it reminds me as to how hard change can. Be
    Glad you stuck with it and here’s to 6 more 😉

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