OneDrive Foibles

OneDrive Foibles

It started innocently enough, Facebook showed me one of those frequent reminders of posts from prior years. Blog-161030-02This one was for a post from four years ago that linked to my Gallery Ludwig post “Goodbye HMS Bounty”. This gorgeous “tall ship” had succumbed to hurricane Sandy in the Atlantic just a couple days prior on October 28, 2012.

So I shared that sad memory. I wanted to take a look at the post and it came right up.

Back in those days my blog posts sourced images from my OneDrive, called SkyDrive back then.  Microsoft has made many changes but has been good about keeping the old links active. I used to also make the image a link to the same photo in SkyDrive. I clicked and it came up as expected.


Then I made a stupid decision. I clicked Download. I say stupid decision because my day would have been uneventful had I not clicked the Download link in OneDrive. I got a “no joy”: “This item might not exist or is no longer available”. Really? I was just looking at it! Not only that, I was logged in to my SkyDrive.


Wondering what Microsoft has wrought this time, I went to the blog link in other browsers, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and behold, none of then showed the photo of the Bounty, not even Internet Explorer, there were no problems when viewed in Edge.

Horrible revelation:

Old blog posts with images sourced from OneDrive show fine in Edge but not in other browsers!

My post that followed this photo of Bounty was a small collection of some of my pictures of the Bounty and its interior. Those were not sourced from OneDrive but used the WordPress Media file. No problems with those. One of the images is a panorama of the interior, stitched together from several shots. The pano links to, another Microsoft neat idea that they gave up on, but the pano still works, or I should say works again. Take a look at Remembering the HMS Bounty.

Fortunately WordPress allows editing of old posts. I added the photo from the WordPress library with a current link back to OneDrive. In Edge I now see the photo duplicated. See what you get: Goodbye HMS Bounty.


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7 Responses to OneDrive Foibles

  1. Linda G. says:

    I hope Flickr never goes away. The majority of my blog images are linked there.

    • Ludwig says:

      Thanks Linda. Flickr has rather tight rules and doesn’t allow direct sourcing. I rarely link to my Flickr photos. But Flickr does provide a lot of storage. Hope the new owners won’t take that away.

  2. Vanessence says:

    I see an image of a beautiful ship. Below it, is a little X, the kind you see when an image won’t or can’t load. The link to it says, “!318”. That’s why you see the double image I guess, because you are the owner and signed in.

    Flickr has new owners? *blink* That usually never bodes well. 😦

  3. prior.. says:

    Enjoyed hearing about this experience and reminds me how tech changes all the time….

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