Thistle Seed

My avocation is photography and art. Happiness for me is when I can combine the two. A favorite tool of mine is FotoSketcher, it allows me to transform photographs into images that express my feelings my emotions and share them with the viewer.

When just recently a new version was announced I had to see how it can aid my efforts to communicate in photo-transformations. I reached for some photos in my archives. Photos that were quite nice on their own, but didn’t quite express the joy of the occasion.

This photograph of a thistle seed head, spreading the delicate, light, fragile seeds into the world, allowed me to create an image by replacing the real setting with a universe of forms, barely noticeable, but subliminally powerful. Robust and confident the plant sends its delicate seeds into the uncertain future. Let us take cheer.


Source: Thistle Seed


© 2017 Ludwig Keck

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11 Responses to Thistle Seed

  1. Fabulous composition, Ludwig. I just had to stare at it a bit. I thought it a painting on canvas at first. What you did with the background enhances the thistle magically. Wow. Just wow.

    • Ludwig says:

      Thank you very much, Kathryn. For some reason this little bit of art has turned out to really resonate with viewers. I posted this first over on Niume (hence the “Source” link above) and it zoomed to the top in popularity. I rarely post art here on This ‘n That, but maybe I should. I better go to my Silver Canvas and share it there!

  2. Helen Bushe says:

    Beautiful image. I must investigate Fotosketcher

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