RIP Microsoft Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery is no longer available

Last month saw the end of the support and availability of Microsoft Photo Gallery. This was one of Microsoft’s fines products. It provided photo enthusiasts an easy to use, yet most versatile, tool for importing, managing, enhancing, editing, transforming, their pictures, and much more.



Orphaned five years ago, this image manager-editor remained a state-of-the-art tool. Only professional grade editors can do more to this day. The ease of use is unsurpassed.

Until last month Microsoft allowed Photo Gallery to be downloaded from their site. This has now been discontinued.

One of the nice features in Photo Gallery was the ease of selecting photos to be processed by other tools and launching those tools from right inside Photo Gallery. One of those tools is the outstanding Image Composite Editor by Microsoft Research. This panorama stitching editor is still available.



If you still have Photo Gallery installed – it works beautifully in Windows 10 and prior versions – you can continue to use it. I will. Treasure it – it is still tops.


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5 Responses to RIP Microsoft Photo Gallery

  1. Vanessence says:

    This is kind of heart-breaking. Photo Gallery is one of my favorite programs because it’s so awesome. I also use it to populate blog posts with pictures using the “Blog This” button. It just pops all the images I’ve selected right into Live Writer. MS really had a wonderful set of stuff going there, what a shame it’s all going away!

  2. Tiny says:

    I agree. I still have it on my Windows 10 and I use it often even when I have several professional editors. Also, their “Photo” app in Windows 10 is extremely slow when you load up 250 photos from a shoot…and it prepares ‘albums’ for you of frames you want to delete….slowing the basic function of flipping through photos. So often I now open them in Photo Gallery instead.

  3. NE Waltenberg says:

    I cannot find any SIMPLE program that does the same thing in a similar format. Anyone find such software?

    • Ludwig says:

      So far I have not found either a good source for downloading Photo Gallery or a good replacement. Still looking.

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