Time Change

Time Change

Time for Change!

It is that time of year again! Time to change the clocks. That includes your cameras too!

You may have decided a long time ago to leave well enough alone and not play the silly “daylight saving time” game, as I have; however it is a good time to check your gear and adjust the time. I find that my cameras tend to run a little fast, so this is an opportunity to synchronize the settings and make sure that tall the clocks are reasonably accurate.

Time Change

Not a bad time to recharge batteries and change expendable ones! How about a bit of cleaning of the gear. On second thought, let’s not get carried away …

Time Change



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2 Responses to Time Change

  1. Linda G. says:

    Forgot about the camera…thanks!

  2. Vanessence says:

    Ooh, great reminder! I always forget that one! Thanks! 🙂

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