Losing It

Losing It?

The term “losing it” is used to describe someone who is being to lose control and no longer has a grasp of reality. I found myself at the edge when I was trying to accomplish the simple task of setting the header image for a website.

Now I have used WordPress and its themes for many years, so this was not a problem. Nothing that I hadn’t done before. I looked at the size recommendation. It seemed a bit large as it would cover about a quarter of the screen. I have old-fashioned ideas, I like to deliver useful information to the visitors, not just a pretty picture. But that seems to be the modern trend. My artwork was narrower. It didn’t work.

After coming up with a new, property sized image I tried again. It didn’t work. The website always showed a cropped part of the header. What made it even more frustrating was seeing the cropping different when resizing the browser window. Hours of fighting passed. Surely I could do this!

Shattered World

As they say when at first you don’t succeed, try something else. My next move was to switch to another theme. Now I needed to change the size again. This time the header image width was right, but the bottom was cut off. Worse,  on other pages only a narrow strip of the bottom was shown.

Clearly, I am losing my grasp on reality. This can’t be. Nowhere could I find any explanation, any documentation. Is it me?  Has the world become just a collection of multiple reflections in fun-house mirrors?  Is there any reality left behind all these distortions? Is this just a nightmare?



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  1. Irmgard Rahn says:

    Wunderbar erzählt! Ich musste manchmal lächeln. Das kenne ich auch alles. Aber einmalig zu Ende geführt. Die Fotos sind traumhaft!

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