Spring Cleaning 1

It is finally underway, my spring cleanup, that is. I promised myself months ago to do an overhaul of “my cloud”. Turns out there are many more little details that needed to be taken care of than I had thought.

My first effort was to define how “my cloud” should work and interconnect. That is, of course, a background task that’s invisible, at least at first. Then I started down the list. The many links to OneDrive albums and images are largely taken down. When Microsoft started with “SkyDrive” they happily tried to make it open and very much like a public gallery. Then, as time went on and it became “OneDrive”, it morphed into a “filing cabinet in the cloud”. It was reoriented for primarily business and private use. Many of the features ceased to work. Amazingly many of the links did remain operational.  I still have my photos and art up there, but the public items are now mostly on my personal websites.

The first visibly change is Ludwig.Gallery. It is not finished by any means, but do take a look. Notice the much simplified navigation.

Ludwig GalleryMany thanks to my friends and followers. Soon you will get a much better idea of what it is like to “fly in the cloud with Ludwig”.

.:. © 2020 Ludwig Keck

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Lending a helping hand where I can. . . My motto: If it is worth doing, it is worth doing well.
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3 Responses to Spring Cleaning 1

  1. Librarylady says:

    Way to go Ludwig, unfortunately I need to do a little of the real thing. Like flinging open doors and windows and cleaning out closets. I’ll keep reading.

    • Ludwig says:

      Ah, there is no avoiding the real spring cleaning. Inside and out, there are chores. Thank you, LibraryLady, for stopping by.

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