Archive Treasure – 1

Cleaning and organizing can get easily sidetracked when you find some long forgotten treasures. Here is one such photo. This is a panorama stitched together in ICE (Microsoft Image Composite Editor – also a relic), showing the Atlanta skyline as seen from the “Old Ted”. Only goes back to August 2013, but in Atlanta that is ancient history.

Here are the individual frames:


.:. © 2020 Ludwig Keck

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2 Responses to Archive Treasure – 1

  1. Librarylady says:

    Nice. You can’t even see where they fit together.

    • Ludwig says:

      Thank you LL. When a pano scene has everything far enough away so parallax errors don’t matter, like here, ICE does a very good job even with handheld photos. I did not use a tripod for these, it was hard enough getting a camera into the facility, the old Atlanta Braves stadium.

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