On how we see

Seeing Cars

Facebook reminded me, with a two-year old iPhone photo, of the day we parted with our old Ford Taurus. It had served us faithfully for eighteen years. Looking at the photo some pleasant memories of that trusty vehicle came flooding back.

All of a sudden I could only see the that rounded shape, the truck, the neighborhood just seemed to almost disappear.

That is how it is with car nuts, “automotive aficionados”, they don’t see cars the way the camera does, or us “normal” folks. They see just that magnificent mechanical automobile. Not like this; this is what you, I and the camera see:

But more like this, the automobile and little else:

We look at this antique jalopy driving by and smile.

But for our car enthusiast friends this scene conjured up a totally different image:

Yes, to our “Car and Driver” friends, only the car matters, Even the drivers fade into paleness. They feel the vehicle zooming along on a race track, they see the beautifully shaped details.

So, that’s my analysis of my auto loving friends. Do you think I pegged them correctly?

NOTE: No bystanders, drivers, or neighborhoods were harmed in the making of these pictures.

This was a demonstration of image selection, layers, blurring, photo overlays and some other techniques.

.:. © 2020 Ludwig Keck

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  1. Beatrice says:

    Yes, I do think you pegged them well, Ludwig.Farewell to your beloved Taurus. What replaced it?

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