Kudos to WordPress Reader

… and a tip o’ the hat to its developers

Rarely do I click on the listing of my own post in WordPress Reader. That doesn’t make me unique, I’m sure. But I did today. And there was a very pleasant surprise there.

Allow me to back up just a little to fill in the story. I had some surprise visitors at our house – vultures. Not the first time. We consider them almost regular friends. They check up on us periodically. But this time they got into the house, the attic to be more specific.

I took some photos, and, of course, shared with my blogging friends.

When I clicked on the listing that showed up in the WordPress Reader it expanded and showed the post. I do this all the time to see the stories my blogging friends share. But what I never payed much attention to was the “MORE …” items below the post. I have used those links on others’ post many times, but never realized that WordPress makes those links to be “on topic”.

In the case of my post the first MORE link was to a nine-year old post that was also about vultures visiting us. You can see how it showed up in the screen-capture here.

That old post is still there and most of its links still work.

So WordPress looks through the tags to find related material – very nice! And it goes on to show similarly tagged posts from other bloggers – very nice, indeed!

Just in case you’d like to see my posts here are “illustrated links” for you:

And just for good measure here is a link to an old post at that other blogging site from nine years ago. The links there no longer work:

The Weekly Photo (Week 23) – Vultures

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2 Responses to Kudos to WordPress Reader

  1. Smartfella says:

    Herr Ludwig,
    Vultures in your house! Wow! What you have to worry about when you have Vultures sitting on the back of your La Z Boy is one saying to the other, “Patience hell! I’m going to go kill something!” My advice to you is you better keep moving! No more afternoon naps until they head south (or any other point of the compass).

    • Ludwig says:

      Thanks, Smartfella. Yep, we are all aflutter and moving around – you never know how hungry they are. Those vultures were supposed to be up in Hinckley, Ohio last Sunday. That when they had their festival for vultures. Can only hope that they are on their way now…

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