Helping Newbies


This is the time of year when students everywhere receive awards and applause for accomplishments big and small. Such support builds self-esteem and provides the basis for self-confidence and self-respect. Qualities that help assure future success.

Those thoughts came to me when I saw this in my WordPress Reader notifications:

It said “Congratulations! Your site, Keck Family, passed 500 all-time views.”

Long before I ever got acquainted with WordPress, I had built a number of websites, including a couple for my family history and such. In those days I used Microsoft Expression Web for building and maintaining sites. That app was discontinued nearly a decade ago. The sites just languished ever since, and I decided it was time to renew them. I started a new site using WordPress in the expectation that this tool would last a little longer. I copied over some of the material and published the site so other family members could inspect it and help shape it up.

But before I even invited anyone to see the new site the above congratulatory message came up. I was surprised as you might expect. So, I clicked “Take a deep dive” to see where all by instant fame had come from.

Alas, it showed just one view. Not five hundred, just one! Just one follower and that was me.

Obviously, the WordPress algorithm is “overly generous”. Doling out praise that is not deserved does nothing for self-esteem of users, especially new ones. Quite the contrary, it destroys trust.

Was this a case of misguided goodwill, sheer incompetence, or sleezy marketing? Yes, there are plenty of over-hyped and over-promising website builders these days. Joining their tactics does little for the reputation of WordPress.

Well, I had my say. Anybody from WordPress want to comment?

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About Ludwig

Lending a helping hand where I can. . . My motto: If it is worth doing, it is worth doing well.
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4 Responses to Helping Newbies

  1. AlexO says:

    Ludwig,I tried to comment but WP will not let me sign in with anything I have in my gigantic list of names & passwords.Security is a big pain in my butt nowadays.I spent too much time jumping through security hoops!I gave up trying to comment.Here is my comment I could not comment with…”Interesting, funny and sad. It looks like they remember Geraldine Jones (Flip Wilson) who said, Honey, a lie is as good as the truth as long as you get somebody to believe you.”FellaO

  2. First time I am hearing this generous amount of good will.
    AI has outsmarted everybody!🤣🤣

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