Outlook Annoyance

Amusing Annoyance in Outlook Desktop App

For some reason the Microsoft Outlook client shows embedded images at their full size rather than scaling them to fit. In my current series of “My Street Photography” posts at Ludwig.Gallery subscribers receive an email when a new post is published. These emails look very much like the actual post on the website, except in Outlook on a desktop. Let me illustrate:

The online Outlook app is shown on the left in the above image. The way the desktop Outlook client shows is is shown on the right. Of course, on a normal monitor not all of the email will be viewable, and scrolling is needed to see it all. What that means is that it provides just a small segment of the leftmost part of the image. It is often interesting and amusing to inspect the posted image and see detail like this below, rather than the whole picture.

Other email clients don’t do this. In fact, neither does the Microsoft Outlook app on an iPhone. It shows the whole picture just like you would expect.

This is not a serious problem. Clicking the post title in the email opens the actual online post in the browser.

The desktop Outlook client does this by default for all emails, of course. Any embedded image is shown at the full size so only part of it will be displayed if it is larger than the area that fits in the viewing pane. It is necessary to scroll around to see other parts of a picture. Amusing, yes, but also likely rather annoying.

If there is an option for changing the Outlook behavior with embedded images, I have not come across it. A tip of the hat and warm online embrace to you if you can enlighten me on adjusting Outlook to show emails the way it does on a smart phone or in a browser.

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2 Responses to Outlook Annoyance

  1. Robin King says:

    Sounds like it’s annoying! I hope someone has a workaround. (No help from me – I went Mac in 2006, haven’t strayed much since.) 🤗👋

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