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How to use Windows Live Mail as the mail client in Windows 8

Windows 8 does not come with a desktop mail client installed. When you right-click on a photo and select Send to > Mail recipient, you get to an error message that tells you that “There is no email program associated … Continue reading

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Surprises and pains in transferring Office Live websites

For a number of years Microsoft offered low-cost domain names, websites and email accounts with their Office Live Small Business service. The new Office 365 product replaces this service and the MOLSB websites and email service are being discontinued at … Continue reading

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Windows 8 Consumer Preview – Metro and Desktop compared

The word “metro” brings to mind terms like urbane, sophisticated, stylish, refined, while “desktop” says plain, modest, functional. Windows users, of course, know that this is not the way to describe the Windows Desktop. In the Windows 8 Consumer Preview … Continue reading

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Sharing Pictures of Documents – A big little problem

My student Cathy came up with this problem. She attached a scan of an old letter to an e-mail. The recipient complaint that it was unreadable. She had sent pictures that way many times and everyone seemed happy enough. Not … Continue reading

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