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Arranging the order of photos in a SkyDrive album

Unlike Windows Explorer and other file management utilities, SkyDrive permits the order of photos to be arranged into any chosen sequence. This makes putting together an effective slide show simple and easy. Here are the steps for arranging a SkyDrive … Continue reading

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Managing Windows Phone Photos

Smartphone Photos Smartphones are certainly more capable than desktop computers when it comes to photos. There is a built in camera and apps for sharing via email or “in the cloud”. Enhancing and editing can be done right in the … Continue reading

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Use the Windows 8 taskbar as the start menu

In Windows 8 there is no Start button and no start menu on the desktop. The Start Screen takes the place of the start menu. In the words of one Microsoft staffer: “The Start screen is the dashboard to everything … Continue reading

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Short URLs for SkyDrive folders or photos

Today (May 17, 2012) a long awaited bit of good news was announced: Short ULRs for SkyDrive folders and photos. In a windowsteamblog post,  Shorter, more useful links with SDRV.MS, Omar Shahine,  SkyDrive Group Program Manager, said: We’ve shortened our … Continue reading

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The power of the SkyDrive desktop app

My previous post ended with ellipses, “For the want of a nail …” Of course, dear reader, I am not going to let you hang like that. You knew there was more to the story, and indeed there is. If … Continue reading

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