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Below are some some links to some of my online photo galleries. These galleries are primarily for teaching and are not presented as great art. There are many superb artists out there and I would not think of attempting to join their ranks. I am an engineer and teacher.

All of what you see here is for the sake of demonstrating techniques and capabilities. Many of the links here date back a long time. Many no longer work. Microsoft was very good about keeping links intact when images were moved and when site improvements were made. SkyDrive has become OneDrive. Some links still work, many do not.

When one of the images is clicked, it opens a slide show, a larger image, or some other presentation.

My SkyDrive Gallery Pages

This group of the tilted photos used to present Windows Live (SkyDrive) slide shows.

Windows Live is undergoing a lot of changes, the links below take you to albums but the automatically advancing slide show feature is no longer available (as of October 2011). The good news is you can see the albums with most browsers.

Bee BuckheadDune

Portrait of Lady G.Garden41Purple DaisyCobblestonesWinterNightB

Fun with ICE and PhotoSynth

This PhotoSynth was assembled in ICE, Image Composite Editor. It presents a 360 degree view.


The image below will take you to a classic PhotoSynth presentation


Flickr Slide Show

Slide Show prepared in Windows Live Movie Maker
– presented in YouTube

Album as inserted with Windows Live Writer is no longer part of Microsoft and the spin-off is still struggling to get organized. The link below may no longer work.

Photo from SkyDrive with Panorama

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