Happy Anniversary with WordPress


This nice “Achievement Award” came up on my WordPress Dashboard today.

Hurray to me! Five years with WordPress.

Now, if you go to the archive and look at my first blog post, you will see that is was posted on January 8, 2009. That is 6 years, 8 months and 19 days ago. So why the 5th anniversary celebration today?

Therein lies a sad tale. That first post was a test of Windows Live Writer. The post went to my Windows Live Spaces blog page. Yes, there was such a thing.


As the post implies, there was activity prior to that. Spaces was a lively place. Microsoft supported its blogging site with Live Writer, to this day the finest blogging editor in existence!

Microsoft gave up on Spaces the following year, and helped their bloggers to move over to WordPress. So this is how I came to WordPress.

A couple of years ago Microsoft stopped updating Live Writer. You can still download it as part of Windows Essentials – yes, there still is such a thing also.

Let’s turn to a happier story. Just twenty days after that first post my second post offered a “much manipulated photo”:


One of my earliest examples of what I now call “café art”. Of course, that first post also contained a small manipulated image. Can you see a trend starting there? Indeed it did!



© 2015 Ludwig Keck

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OneDrive Mail

Now What? Mail from my OneDrive?

Going through the morning mail I found this:


“You uploaded some weekend photos to your OneDrive and we automatically selected a few to show you.”

The email contained a half dozen of the images that I had uploaded to my OneDrive over the weekend. I do this often so I can work on the images with different computers in various locations. As you can see from the black bars on the sides, this image was not ready for sharing. I did the perspective correction on my PC that has ICE, the marvelous Microsoft Image Composite Editor, then uploaded it so I can work on it on another PC where I am trying out another image editor. I find that using OneDrive for going back and forth between PCs is a real convenience for me.

I did know that OneDrive keeps an eye on my pictures. It looks at pictures and assigns tags to them. For this picture it added #Outdoor and #Street. Can’t quibble with that. What I did not know is that OneDrive is a big brother who checks on me and suggests that I stay in touch with friends and family by sharing my uploaded photos.


The email from OneDrive says: “We’ll occasionally send a recap based on photos that you uploaded to OneDrive during a weekend. To share the photos we selected with friends and family, you can just forward this email.”

At least it seems to promise to do this only for weekend photos, but what is it watching during the week?

So we add OneDrive to our friends list, or should I saw to our “big brothers” list. Have we finally arrived at George Orwell’s 1984? It is just a little bit frightening.

There is also a bad taste in my mouth from Microsoft getting rid of Groups in OneDrive. Wouldn’t it be nice to just share my OneDrive recap to my family group? Just think, maybe OneDrive could do this automatically, all on its own! I could stay in touch with my friends without lifting a finger!

Ach, progress!! Where will it take us next?!


© 2015 Ludwig Keck

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VMware Player Updated

VMware Workstation 12 Player Released

VMware Player has been a popular way to run virtual machines on Windows, and other, operating systems. A new version, now called VMware Workstation 12 Player, was released on August 24, 2015.

The new version supports Windows 10 both as a guest and also as host operating system. If you were hesitant to upgrade to Windows 10 for fear that your virtual machines would be impaired, this should solve that concern.

Download page



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Microsoft Survey

Have I been too critical, Microsoft?

The relationship between Microsoft and myself goes back nearly three decades. During that time I developed software for fun and for industrial applications,  Microsoft-manualsmuch of it for PCs, and mostly Windows PCs at that. Microsoft tools and software figured, and still figures, high in my “toolshed”. To show you, I dug into my archive for some illustrations, here a couple of books from the last millennium.

Often I have expressed admiration for the many Microsoft products that I have relied on. At times I have been outspoken in my opinions, “I calls ‘em as I sees ‘em”, as the expression goes. You may have seen some of my rants here at This ‘n That.

I am no longer in the Microsoft Developer Network, having retired from paid work some years back. But I still do have friends inside Microsoft, and there are many others there whom I hold in the highest regard.

I am still on a number of mailing lists. So it was no surprise when I got an email earlier today from Microsoft.

I did get a surprise, and quite a chuckle, however, when I tried to respond to it.

So first the email:


Make your Voice Heard” it said boldly. Naturally I wanted to share my thoughts on the “products I love”.

And this is what I got by clicking “Go to Survey” or “share your thoughts”.


Sorry, you are not invited to appear for this survey.” So the invitation to “Tell us what you think about Microsoft” was not meant to include me. Come on, my friends, I haven’t been that harsh in the past, have I?

Oh, well, my feelings are only bruised a little. Winking smile Angry smile


© 2015 Ludwig Keck

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Windows 10 is coming!

Windows 10 is on its way

Microsoft has started the free upgrade process to Windows 10 for PCs running Windows 7 (SP1) and Windows 8.1. The date of the installation will happen some time after July 29, 2015. That is the announced starting date for rolling out the new operating system.

Win10-U-02There is already, or will be soon, a little icon in the notification area of your taskbar. A little Windows logo that says “Get Windows 10” when you put the pointer on it.

Click on it and the “reservation” process for your upgrade is set in motion. You will see this announcement:


It explains “How this free upgrade works”. You can make a “reservation” to get notifications and installed updates. To get on the list, and near the head of the line, just fill in your email address and send the “reservation” on its way.


The download package is about 3 GB, quite a large file. The installation process will also take a while. With the preview releases on my test machines it can take several hours, so be prepared to let your computer spend some time on this upgrade.

Windows 10 looks very promising from what I have seem. The latest preview version (Build 10130) is being rolled out at this time (June 1, 2015).


© 2015 Ludwig Keck

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Blogging from Word

For a couple of months I have been testing the preview version of Office 2016. Each time I open Word I am intrigued by the templates that are offered:


Preparing blog posts is supported in Word! The prior versions of Word are totally useless in they way they “support” blogging. Maybe this has been improved in the new version of Word 2016. Word-02

The first step is register the blog. The dialog looks awfully familiar. OK, I proceed.

Word-03The second dialog is just as familiar – it looks the same as in older versions of Word, just the cleaner, simpler look of the new Windows 10 offerings.

Sadly, this is followed by the same error dialog from before. Word cannot successfully connect to my blog. Word-04

In Word 2010 I had, and still have, the same problem. It just doesn’t work cleanly and correctly.

You’d think such a know problem would not have been moved verbatim into a new product. I am not disclosing any secrets here. Just that Microsoft has not really paid any attention to bloggers. Nothing new here.

The last Microsoft effort to support blogging is the superb and unsurpassed Live Writer, not updated since 2012. Of course it works like a charm. This post is prepared on it running in Windows 10 Technical Preview.


© 2015 Ludwig Keck

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Windows 10 – Is it soup yet?

Importing Photos in Windows 10

The latest Windows 10 Technical Preview, Build 10041,  already looks much more professional than the “for toddlers only” feel of Windows 8 and 8.1. The full screen Start page is gone as is the full screen “All apps” page in the default installation.


Win10-10041-20Clicking All apps in the Start menu now brings up an alphabetical listing (see yellow arrow in illustration) so you can scroll down to what you are looking for. The full screen Start page can still be the better choice, especially on small hand-held devices. The default properties settings are shown in the illustration here. On my version of Windows 10 TP, running in a virtual machine, checking the “Show Start …” box did not do so.

For me and my fellow photo-enthusiasts there are some more important things, however. Importing , managing, enhancing and sharing photos is high on our list.

One of the faults in Windows 8.1 is the malfunctioning AutoPlay feature. That, sadly, has not yet been fixed in the Technical Preview.


Win10-10041-26In the AutoPlay setup menu the choices for Pictures media type or Camera storage show View pictures (Photo Gallery) but not an import option. When set to Ask me every time, the only options are Open device to view files  File Explorer, or Take no action.

Hey Microsoft! TAKE ACTION! Fix this!

It is understandable that in a Technical Preview codecs for photo files might not yet be supplied. Back in Windows XP a missing codec would not only be detected, the system would go out and find the file and install it with just a few clicks. Not so in Windows 10 TP.  Installing the Nikon codec for my Nikon camera (see Resource page) worked without any problem or complaint.

Photo Gallery has a manual import option which works fine. It detects the camera and goes out to find the photos. Importing works smoothly as it has in Photo Gallery for many years. Win10-10041-31

Using the Resize option for bulk conversion to JPG format also works as expected. Photo Gallery adds the new picture size to the end of the file name. To clean up my file names I have used a BAT, batch file, for many years. I am delighted to report that BAT files work as nicely in Windows 10 as the have worked in earlier Windows versions, indeed, in PCs since before Windows.


To sum up, Windows 10 Technical Preview is a useful platform for photographers. The tools, especially Photo Gallery, work well. Codecs have to be installed manually, however.

And AutoPlay, well, it ought to play but doesn’t. So Windows 10 Technical Preview is on its way, it isn’t soup yet, but the water is getting warm.


© 2015 Ludwig Keck

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