Hello, my name is Ludwig Keck – I am a photo enthusiast, avid computer user, and love sharing what I know. My working career was as an engineer in electronics, programming, photographic products, toys, instruments and defense products. Mostly I worked where electronics, programming and photography came together. I started taking pictures some sixty years ago and wrote my first computer program in 1956.

Now retired, I enjoy teaching seniors to use their computers and cameras to the fullest. To this end I have written several books. Some of them are available publicly (see sidebar).

I keep several blogs, all for sharing computer tips, ideas, images.

This blog, This ‘n That, has been in existence since 2009. It started in Windows Live Spaces and moved to WordPress in October 2010 when the discontinuation of Spaces was announced.

Many of my posts feature a bar of links at the end, as shown here:

These links take you to my pages. They are not “like” or “follow” commands and are not automatic commitments. Sure, you can click “Like” on my Facebook page, and “Follow” on my Twitter page – but it is up to you. These links, and the tags, are intended as a help to you.LiveWriter-credit-360

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