One Way

The many ways of seeing things …

Quite often I will participate in “challenges”. Bloggers have themes with periodic challenges for others to participate. It is a nice way to build circles of friends. Monday Window is my way of inviting others to look around their environment and to see “windows”. When I join other challenges, I mostly do so on my blog Two Camera – Two Views.

The various interpretations of these challenges are a marvelous demonstration that there are many ways of seeing our world. It really helps to understand how others think in a friendly, cooperative way. There is not just one way of experiencing our communities, our environment, our world.

Take a look at the many such challenges and join in. You’ll be glad you did. It makes for a much more relaxed day. If you don’t know where to start, here is one place to find a listing of “challenges”: Cee’s Photo Challenges.

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Lending a helping hand where I can. . . My motto: If it is worth doing, it is worth doing well.
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2 Responses to One Way

  1. Cee Neuner says:

    Ludwig, thanks so much for the pingback. I really appreciate it 😀

  2. lifelessons says:

    Yes I feel that is what really got me “into” the blogging community as well, Ludwig.

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