Patterns and Textures of Atlanta

After post-processing a group of photos taken on a photo walk recently I was playing around with some of the images and the patterns and textures in some of them seemed rather intriguing. The photo walk was aiming at doors and windows around Midtown Atlanta ( Photo Walk ), so the interesting shapes and surfaces were rather coincidental and not the prime subjects.

Here are some of these reworked photographs. Take a good look.

What do you think of them? I don’t mean artistic value, but technical, image quality. Not bad, wouldn’t you say?

All of these images were zoomed in, “digital zoom”, in post-processing. These pictures are tight crops, around a sixteenth of the original area.

If you show your pictures online, then 1024 pixels wide, as these are, is quite adequate. So this is just a reminder that you have a 4x zoom available to you after you have taken the picture!

Take another look, I even added a bonus picture with a neat cast-iron fence.

You can see most of the photos these images were clopped from in one or more of these posts:

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  1. Vern Rogers says:

    I like this subject group very much. The photos are all very well done.

  2. Ludwig, I’m enjoying your blog. Some excellent instructions on blogging. Welcome to that little voice and thanks for following my blog.

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