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Site Migration – 2

In my prior post I explained why I started to migrate from to self-hosted sites. I left my readers hanging with a problem. Let’s back up just a little bit. WordPress provides tools for site migration. In the dashboard … Continue reading

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Site Migration – 1

A tale of migration woes – Part 1 Why I am moving This article is a post in a blog. I have a number of such blogs and have started to move some of them to a self-hosted site. … Continue reading

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Once again – a dingy museum image

There was a post on Facebook showing an image of the painting Virgin and Child, by Italian painter Pintoricchio. Next to it was a photo of that painting undergoing a CT scan. Here is a screen capture from the post: … Continue reading

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Tipping Point

This blog got started a dozen years ago when the Microsoft Live Spaces social platform went belly up. Some of my posts were transferred over from the Clubhouse and I started promoting blogging using the WordPress site. Here are some … Continue reading

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Histogram histrionics

For some time I have been plagued and annoyed by some unusual effects in histograms of my photos. The histograms just did not seem right, nor was there consistency on how they displayed in different post-processing apps. To shed some … Continue reading

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Outlook Annoyance

Amusing Annoyance in Outlook Desktop App For some reason the Microsoft Outlook client shows embedded images at their full size rather than scaling them to fit. In my current series of “My Street Photography” posts at Ludwig.Gallery subscribers receive an … Continue reading

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