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RAW file contents

What’s inside a RAW file? What you see may not be what you got! Here are histograms displayed by five different photo editing applications – all of the same RAW file. Take a look: The tools were set to their … Continue reading

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Color or No-Color?

Often there is no doubt in my mind that a photo should be in black-and-white, or that color is essential. Sometimes I am not so sure. When I photographed the “last sunset of winter”, I really wanted to to bring … Continue reading

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Rembrandt – Night Watch

Rembrandt’s “The Night Watch” – In the News A giant new scan of Rembrandt’s famous painting is making the rounds in the art news world. It is generally accompanied with an illustration like this: Kinda dark and dingy if you … Continue reading

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Midnight on New Year’s Eve

Yes, at midnight on New Year’s Eve really, really avid photo enthusiasts set their cameras to show the new year, 2022, in their EXIF data. That means setting the copyright text and, if you are using the comment text, correcting … Continue reading

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Eleven Years

A decade and a year on WordPress It doesn’t seem that long, but WordPress reminded me today that I have been blogging here for eleven years. As I had just been posting about a resident web-spinner it seems appropriate to … Continue reading

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