Why you should use Live Writer

Live Writer is to blogging
what Word is to documents

The WYSIWYG interface makes preparing a post an easy task. Everything looks like it will in the post. Pretty much all the usual text editing features are available as is spell checking.


Control over images is particularly extensive. Placement, scaling, even tilting and watermarking is supported right in Live Writer.

You can insert images from your local device or source them from the Internet including Microsoft OneDrive.

There is a new version of Open Live Writer, Build available for download. Spell checking is now working. It is coming along nicely.


The question was asked in Quora, “Why should we use Windows Live Writer”. Please see my answer there.


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14 Responses to Why you should use Live Writer

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  2. Hi Ludwig. I jumped to Quora and read the article. Thank you for the information. Several years ago, I used Live Writer for my blog posts when I was on another platform. It didn’t work too well for me there, but it looks like it’s improved a lot since then. The WordPress.com editor is so easy to use, that I’m not sure I would need an external editor. Is this primarily for people using WordPress.org or another blogging platform? I’m interested in learning more about ways it might make blogging easier.

    • Ludwig says:

      One nice thing about Live Writer is that you can use it with blogs from different providers. I use WordPress and Blogger. There is a drop down menu to select the blog you want to post on. The edit window changes to the layout and font for that blog. You have full edit control over text and inserted items. Try it again. It can’t do everything, but you might like it.

      • Poor Robert says:

        Ludwig — I gave it a try and so far so good with one exception (user ignorance I am sure) I couldn’t figure out how to word-wrap text around objects. I wound up posting a draft and using the WordPress editor to fix it before I posted it live. What am I missing?

      • Ludwig says:

        For wrapping text around photos, for example, click the photo. That adds the Picture Tools tab to the Ribbon, click it. Toward the right see the Alignment tool, set the image to right or left. To the right of that you can specify the margins around the image.

      • Poor Robert says:

        Part of the problem may be that when I downloaded it I got not and I am not getting the option when I click on the picture (no ribbon appears). I went on line to see about getting and when I attempted to down load it I get an error message telling me that installation failed and to call the author. I guess I’ll try to figure that out on Monday. Thanks for the reply.

      • Ludwig says:

        If you need a hand, please contact me, I will be glad to help you.

      • Poor Robert says:

        I got it! Thanks for the help. It’s image features are awesome.

      • Thank you Ludwig. I’ll add it to my list of cool software to explore. Appreciate your sharing your knowledge about it. I’ll be especially interested in the photo placement options.

  3. Laura Cereta says:

    I am downloading Open Live Wire ow and I’m putting this article on my tweeting Buffer so it will tweet in the next day or two:)

  4. Vanessence says:

    I don’t know how people can blog without it, lol. It is my blogging “right hand.” 🙂

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