A bit of nostalgia

Once upon a time, a long, long, time ago, I was an avid blogger. My technical advice and information brought hundreds of readers daily. I was “syndicated” and that  brought more. Then other activities needed my attention and time, and recently my blogging was next to none.

I glanced at my Dashboard today and saw this:

It almost brought a tear to my eyes. Let me explain. On the chart there is a small peak. You can see that there were 15 visits to my post Fireworks Photography. This coincided with the Weekly Roundup over at Blogging Meetup which linked to this post. Getting the word out works!

But what really touched me was that third item in my Top Posts, Wicker Chairs on Aircraft … . That was my first post when I moved this blog over to WordPress here. That was more than ten, yes 10, years ago.

So my most recent and my ancient, first post both rank in the Top Posts. Makes you cry, doesn’t it.

It is true that there is very little information on the internet about wicker chairs on aircraft. My post is one source and ranks high in any search for that topic. This proves the truism that what matters in blogging is content, and unique content is tops. That is the real key to SEO, “search engine optimization”.

That post looks crude nowadays. The illustrations are small and the page layout is not pleasing. The themes have changed many times since those days. Maybe I should go back and bring that old, but still popular, post up to date.

That was long before “featured image” support. So I will add a photo from my next post. I have the follow-on post about post-processing fireworks photos in draft. It still needs a few edits before publication. Please check back for my views on that.

Fireworks Peachtree Corners Town Center


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