Eleven Years

A decade and a year on WordPress

It doesn’t seem that long, but WordPress reminded me today that I have been blogging here for eleven years.

As I had just been posting about a resident web-spinner it seems appropriate to post a photo of her here.

There is more to this web-spinning analogy. After moving my blog here I was teaching other elders how to get good use out of their computers and cameras. The byline of this blog tells about that. It hasn’t changed in all those years. Well, you can’t just tell how to set up a blog, you gotta show it. And just about each time I did show how to start a blog site, I got another one out of it.

So here are two links to other posts on my other blogs about the Joro spider.

Over on Cafe Ludwig: Joro Spider. And on Gallery Ludwig: Joro Spider.

See both posts. They are not the same.

.:. © 2021 Ludwig Keck

About Ludwig

Lending a helping hand where I can. . . My motto: If it is worth doing, it is worth doing well.
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7 Responses to Eleven Years

  1. 11 Years ..Wow! CONGRATULATIONS 👏

  2. Awesome anniversary, Ludwig 😃

  3. CONGRATULATIONS the most difficult job…but you achieved.,

  4. Priti says:

    The heartiest congratulations 🎉. 💗💗

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