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Copying text and images from one blog to another

Quite often I want to copy portions of one of my blog post and use it in another. The migration of WordPress to their new “block editor” had presented some problems for doing that. I can now report happily that copying from one blog to another works smoothly.

My objective was to move some old material that I posted five tears ago to one of my sites to organize the information better. This gave me a chance to see how, and how well, the process works now.

With the article displayed in a browser I just selected the text and images in the normal way and clicked Ctrl-C to copy everything.

Then I went over to an open post draft, clicked the top location and Ctrl-V to bring in the copied material. It inserted without any problems. As you might expect, there were some differences in formatting.

The new site uses the Twenty-Nineteen theme which is designed for the new block editor. Each paragraph and each image were converted to blocks.

Let’s look behind the curtain a bit. When you select text and images in the browser and copy the selected material you get some HTML code that looks like this:

Fairly standard HTML. The text is all there. The images, of course, are described by their URLs somewhere in the internet universe. In this case some Google site as the post was from a Blogger blog.

In the new block editor the HTML code looks like this (first three blocks):

Note that the copied code has been wrapped, paragraph by paragraph, with the block editor identifiers.

The images have not been transferred. The links still point to the original URLs. For my article I will upload my original images to the new site to make sure all the material stays together.

What I tried to point out here is that the new block editor now handles copied material pretty much as you expect it should.

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