Happiness is little treasures

During a chat with a neighbor her three-year old daughter came over and whispered to her mother. With a smile the mom nodded to grant permission. The charming little girl handed me a gift of a flower she had just picked. It was this dandelion, shown here in my aging hand.


It made my day! Not often do I receive a gift of flowers.

Getting ready my next post over at Monday Window I noticed the stats.

More than a hundred views this week!

What a wonderful accomplishment for this little blog. I am really proud that this idea is gathering traction and maybe taking of.

But wait, there is more!

Some of my photography and art is available for purchase on Pixels. I have added to that small collection over the past few years, but rarely engage in merchandising efforts. With all the sales efforts these day I decided to pitch in a little when Fine Art America started a campaign of offering discounts on various merchandise items.

It was a wonderful delight to see that my little advertising effort started to pay off.

You can see my efforts on Facebook and Twitter.

This is shaping up as a great week. Treasures galore! Let me see that dandelion again!



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  1. Vanessence says:

    Little sweet yellow gifts from a child are the best gifts ever. 🙂

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